The Purpose of the Mentorship Program

NCAC Members have a deep reservoir of experience and knowledge about energy industries, markets and developments; and also about careers and opportunities. We’d like to make this wisdom and lessons learned available to all members who believe they’d benefit from one – or many - conversations and meetings with other members who are willing to serve as Mentors.

This program is for members of all ages, and in all stages of their career. A student may want help getting that first rung on a career ladder; but also, the 40 something may want to leave government, and find work in the private sector; or the 50 something may want to hang up his or her own shingle and start a consulting business. And by the same token, no one should feel too young to offer Mentoring services: Who says Boomers can’t learn from Millennials?

We have therefore established this online Mentoring program clearing house for all members. It is designed to be easy to use and flexible – available from all; available to all members in good standing.

Services and Commitment

Mentoring takes time, interest and thought on the part of both Mentor and Mentee. There may be occasions when the Mentee needs only one session; but perhaps several sessions will be required. Time, place and frequency of meetings, calls and emails are up to the Mentor and Mentee to decide, as is most mutually convenient. NCAC will not provide any particular place or forum.


If you wish to be a Mentor, you can provide a wide variety of services. Examples include: career advice, sharing of “lessons learned,” professional contacts, suggested training and conferences, resume review, identification of skill strengths, and how to promote them; and of skills which need improvement; helping to develop a longer range plan; and issues to be faced in changing a career or starting a business. You may wish to work with only one person at a time, or you may be willing to work with more than one Mentee, if your schedule permits. If you no longer have the time to be a Mentor, all you need to do is to delist yourself from the website. 

STEP 1: LOG IN to your member profile using your username and password.
STEP 2: Click on your NAME in the upper right of the screen, choose EDIT.
STEP 3: Complete your profile, the more information the better the match!
STEP 4: Select YES to the question, "Are you interested in becoming a mentor?"
STEP 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit SAVE.


If you wish to take advantage of this program as a Mentee, you should be open and clear about what you expect from your Mentor. Are you looking for new job? A new perspective? Looking to entirely switch fields? Do you want academic knowledge or field experience? Do you seek networking contacts? The more clearly you state your interests and areas where help will be welcomed, the more help your Mentor can provide. What you receive from this program will correspond to the effort and thought you put into it. 


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