To accomplish NCAC goals we hold lunch meetings (usually on the third Friday of each month) to provide an opportunity for networking, followed by a presentation from an expert speaker on a timely and important energy topic. Our luncheons are held in downtown Washington, DC. We also hold an annual dinner, where our members have a chance to interact in a more relaxed setting, and we co-host a comprehensive, one-day, policy conference, collaborating in recent years with Johns Hopkins SAIS, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and Georgetown University. We have begun sponsoring field trips to energy-related sites in the Mid-Atlantic region.

NCAC Officers

Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns about any subject relating to the NCAC-USAEE organization.

Michael Ratner                                 NCAC-USAEE President

David Givens, NCAC-USAEE Vice President

Argus Media Inc.

Joel Yudken, NCAC-USAEE Treasurer
High Road Strategies

Pat McMurray, NCAC-USAEE Secretary

Additional Board Members

Immediate Past President:

Elaine Levin, NCAC-USAEE President

Council Members At Large:

  • Aaron Annable | Embassy of Canada
  • Aqeel Adenwala | Energy Ventures Analysis
  • Barney Rush | Rush Energy Consulting/ISO New England*
  • Devin Hartman | Electricity Consumers Resource Council*
  • Lisa Viscidi | Inter-American Dialogue
  • Michael Weber | Embassy of Germany
  • Natalie Kempkey | Energy Information Administration*
  • Rita Beale | Energy Unlimited
  • Student Rep, John Wenk | The George Washington University

* denotes previous NCAC Council membership


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