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Friday Nov 07 2014 Issue Seminar -- Energy Futures 101
Topic: Issue Seminar - Energy Futures 101


As part of its mission to provide professional development opportunities, the NCAC-USAEE has created the Issues Seminar series to help members broaden their energy expertise.  During these programs, members learn about the fundamentals of energy markets in a day-long program taught by leading experts in the field.


The Energy Futures Markets 101 Seminar will cover:


· How to identify your business risk

· A thorough explanation of the concept of basis

· The vocabulary of hedging – what are the tools, and how do they differ?

· Differences between a futures contract and an option

· Steps to take to set up a hedging program

· Which specific hedging tools will help you manage risk

· How to use the energy market’s seasonal trends for competitive advantage


This seminar is geared towards energy professionals that either may not deal directly with the energy futures market but would like to better understand it, or those that deal with particular aspects of the energy futures market and would like to broaden their understanding. 

Capacity is limited, and event will be open to current members only.  Registration and payment must be done online.


Lunch will be provided.

Speaker: Elaine E. Levin and Alan Levine - Powerhouse Trading


Elaine E. Levin, President of Powerhouse (, has taught the principles of price risk management to hundreds of senior energy industry executives as principal instructor for the highly regarded OPIS Fuels Hedging University.  Ms. Levin recently celebrated her twelfth year teaching FHU.


Elaine has addressed many energy associations on risk management. Organizations like SIGMA, NACS, the New Jersey Fuel Merchants Association and the Western Petroleum Marketers Association have hosted presentations by Elaine.  She has been featured at conferences held by energy users such as the Porcelain Enamel Institute.


Alan Levine, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Powerhouse, is an internationally recognized expert in pricing and business practices in the energy industry. A petroleum specialist for over 40 years, Alan is a highly regarded authority on the relationship of energy futures to cash petroleum markets. He was a consultant to NYMEX at the inception of the heating oil contract in 1978 and is a hedge advisor to many energy interests.

Date: Friday Nov 07 2014
Time: 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM
Location: 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20006 (Rm. # will be emailed later)
Tickets: Registration Closed
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Nikolai Filchev,

Cost: Members: $100.00
Non-Members: $120.00
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Student Non-Members $100.00
Friday Nov 21 2014 Lunch with Speaker
Topic: US Oil, Exports and the Impact on OPEC

Jamie Webster, Senior Director, IHS Energy will discuss the potential for oil exports from the U.S., and the impact these exports would have on international markets, and specifically on OPEC.

Speaker: Jamie Webster, Senior Director, IHS Energy

Jamie Webster, leads IHS’ global short-term oil markets team with a geographically dispersed group of professionals.  Jamie came to IHS through the acquisition of PFC Energy in 2013, where he ran that firm’s global oil markets services.  His work integrates oil market fundamentals with geopolitics and economics to provide a complete view of the current and future oil market. Located in Washington DC, he regularly interacts with OPEC members as well as US policymakers - an increasingly important channel as the US oil production growth is changing the landscape of oil supply. He was one of the co-authors of the recent IHS study: “US Crude Oil Export Decision:  Assessing the impact of the export ban and free trade on the US Economy”.  He has also led several large consulting projects that look at the changes in the oil market and how companies may react.  Jamie has spoken on global energy issues for the Aspen Institute, CNBC's Power Lunch, CNN's The Situation Room, World News Tonight and Al-Jazeera and has been quoted in The New York Times, Financial Times, Bloomberg and others. 

Previously Jamie was with Argus Media where he led a business unit focused on the inter-fuel dynamics of US power generation markets and how they would be impacted by economics and policy choices.  Prior to this he was a project developer with Beacon Energy where he developed energy infrastructure projects in North America and Europe.

Date: Friday Nov 21 2014
Time: 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM
Location: Carmine's Restaurant, 425 7th St NW
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RSVP: COB 10/19/2014
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NCAC-USAEE Treasurer, James Crandall

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