Happy Hour Event
Bill Hederman,
Nov 2015 Happy Hour Event
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Adam Sieminski, Lunch Speaker Presentation
Adam Sieminski, Speaker at
the NCAC Annual Conference
Monthly Lunch Meeting
NCAC Annual Conference
NCAC Anual Conference
Mark Lively, Peri Ulrey,
and Mark Finley at a
Monthly Lunch Event

National Capital Area Chapter of the
U.S. Association for Energy Economics

The National Capital Area Chapter of the United States Association for Energy Economics (NCAC-USAEE) is a non-profit organization of 400 energy professionals in the Washington metropolitan area. We are dedicated to providing a forum that fosters the exchange of ideas and the sharing of professional experiences. We also seek to promote an improved understanding of energy economics and energy related issues by all interested parties.

To accomplish these goals we hold lunch meetings (usually on the third Friday of each month) to provide an opportunity for networking, followed by a presentation from an expert speaker on a timely and important energy topic. Our luncheons are held in downtown Washington, DC. We also hold an annual dinner, where our members have a chance to interact in a more relaxed setting, and we co-host a comprehensive, one-day, policy conference, collaborating in recent years with Johns Hopkins SAIS, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and Georgetown University. We have begun sponsoring field trips to energy-related sites in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Please check on this site for updated luncheon, conference and field-trip schedules.

Upcoming Events

No Planned Events at present, please check back later.

The NCAC Membership Corner
Featured Member

On occasion, NCAC will take the opportunity to feature a member with his/her interests and achievements in energy and environment. The profiling will take the form of a Q&A.

Our Featured
Member Profile is:

Carol White

Carol Brotman White

Senior Energy Efficiency Analyst, U.S. Energy Information Administration

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Our Member's Profile

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Previous Featured Members' Profiles

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**** In Memoriam ****

Mark Lively

February 4, 1948 - March 4, 2016

Mark Lively

NCAC Past President,
Vice President, Treasurer and Longtime Member

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2013 PowerPlant/Wind/CoalMine Tour
2013 PowerPlant/Wind/CoalMine Tour
NCAC Tours Calvert Cliffs 2016
2016 Tour at Calvert Cliffs
USAEE members on oil sands tour during the 2010 Calgary Conference
2010 Oil Sands Tour in Calgary
NCAC members at 150th Anniversay of Drake Well in Titusville, PA
NCAC members at 150th Anniversay
of Drake Well in Titusville, PA
NCAC members at historic Venango Museum in Oil City, PA  (Aug 2009)
NCAC members at historic
Venango Museum in Oil City, PA