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2010 Presentations

December 17

The Impending World Energy Mess
Dr. Robert Hirsch, Energy Advisor at Management Information Services, Inc. (MISI)

November 19

Potential for Displacing Coal with Generation From Existing Natural Gas Plants
Stan Kaplan, Director, Office of Electricity, Renewables, and Uranium Statistics

November 11

PJM Tour Discussion Notes
Mark Lively, Utility Economic Engineers

October 22

Winter Fuels Outlook
Winter Fuels Outlook - Summary
Richard Newell, EIA Administrator

September 17

Policy Implications of the GOM Oil Spill
Kevin Book, ClearView Energy Partners, LLC

June 18

National Security Implications of Energy and Climate Policies: An Historical Perspective
Leon Fuerth, Research Professor of International Affairs at The Elliot School at George Washington University

May 21

Measuring and Attaining Energy Security in OECD Economies: An Economic Perspective
Fred Joutz, Department of Economics at The George Washington University

April 16

From Silicon to Solar
Dr. Jean Posbic, Director, PV Systems at BP Solar

Articles about Energy Conference

Conference Summary by Sarah McKinley, Manager of State Outreach, Office of External Affairs, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and NCAC Past President.

"World Gas Intelligence - Horizon: When US Shale Gas Revolution Encounters LNG Competition", by Leslie Palti-Guzman

Jon Hurdle in an International Reuters article reported on the previous day's 14th Annual Washington Energy Policy Conference, "The Unconventional Gas Revolution – Policy, Strategic and Market Implications." Hurdle quotes afternoon conference Keynote Speaker Joseph Aldy, Special Assistant to the President for Energy and Environment, about the hydro-fracturing (fracking) fluids used in drilling for shale gas.

March 9 - Conference Presentations

The 14th Annual Washington Energy Policy Conference, "The Unconventional Gas Revolution – Policy, Strategic and Market Implications"

Keynote Speaker:
Bob Simon, Chief of Staff, Senate Energy Committee
"Relative Energy Efficiency of Different NG Options for Fueling Transportation"

North American Natural Gas: After the Revolution
Raoul LeBlanc, Senior Director, Financial Advisory, PFC Energy

Gas Shales Drive the Unconventional Gas Revolution
Vello Kuuskraa, President, Advanced Resources International

Cost Declines—Fueling the Shale Explosions
Jen Snyder, Head of North American Gas Research, Wood Mackenzie

U.S. Unconventional Gas Technology
Mike Watts, Team Leader - Fracture Stimulation, Halliburton

Global Implications of LNG and Unconventional Natural Gass: The Coming "Double Hit"
Benjamin Schlesinger, President, BSA Energy

Keynote Speaker: "Appalachian Shales: Opportunities & Challenges"
Murry Gerber, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, EQT Corporation

Panel on Environmental and Water Issues
Robert Harris
, Professor, Princeton University and Principal, Environ Corp

Impact Assessment of Natural Gas Production in the New York City Water Supply Watershed
Paul Rush, Deputy Commissioner of NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Environmental Challenges: The Facts about Water
Paul Hagemeier, VP of Regulatory Compliance, Chesapeake Energy

Gas on Green Competition
Frank Verrastro, Senior VP & Director, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS

Effects of Climate Policy on U.S. Gas Consumption
Glen Sweetnam, Director of the Int'l, Economic, and Greenhouse Gases Div, US DOE/EIA

Shale Gas Perspectives
Ivan Sandrea, International E&P Strategy

Abundant Natural Gas: Some Implications for Electric Power
Stephen P. A. Brown, Resources for the Future

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2009 Presentations

December 18

China's March Toward a Low-Carbon Economy (PDF)
Bo Kong, Professorial Lecturer of Energy, Resources and Environment Director, Global Energy and Environment Initiative (GEEI) Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)
December 2009: Praeger has published Bo Kong's book, "China's International Petroleum Policy". For more information and to purchase, click this Amazon link.

November 20

Recent Energy and Environmental Analysis from the EIA
Richard G. Newell, Administrator, Energy Information Administration

October 16

Who’s To Blame for Volatility in the Global Oil Markets?
Adam Sieminski, Chief Energy Economist, Deutsche Bank

September 18

Global Natural Gas and LNG Markets – Promise out of Disarray
Benjamin Schlesinger, Ph.D., President, Benjamin Schlesinger and Associates, LLC (BSA) Bethesda, MD

June 17 - No presentation notes available

"The National Wildlife Federation’s Perspective on Energy and Climate Policy in 2009" by Jeremy Symons, Senior Vice-President Conservation & Education National Wildlife Federation

May 15 - No presentation notes available

"Views on Federal Energy Regulatory Policies in the Current Environment" by Susan J. Court, Director, Office of Enforcement, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

April 27

The 13th Annual Washington Energy Policy Conference, "New Energy Dynamics—Recession and Beyond"

Challenges and Solutions
David Goldwyn, Goldwyn International Strategies

Global Oil Outlook
Adam Sieminski, Deutsche Bank

Where the States are Headed
Sue Gander, National Governors Association – Center for Best Practices

State & Federal RPS Programs Overview & Challenges
Jonathan McClelland, MJ Beck Consulting

Increasing Role of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response in US Electricity Market
Lisa Wood, Institute for Electric Efficiency

The Electricity Technology Portfolio of the Future
Barbara Tyran, Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

Moving to Electric-Drive
Rusty Heffner, Booz Allen Hamilton

Transportation Prospects for 2030 Vehicles
John German, International Council for Clean Transportation

Recent EPA Climate Change Initiatives
Reid Harvey, Environmental Protection Agency

Prospects for Carbon Markets
Véronique Bugnion, Point Carbon

March 20

The Outlook on Renewable Energy in the U.S. and Around the World
Michael T. Eckhart, President of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)

February 20

The Smart Grid
Mark B. Lively, Utility Economic Engineers

2008 Presentations

December 19

Solar Power: Overview of Developments and Policy Issues in the Solar Energy Industry
Roman Zytek, Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund

November 14

Challenges of Integrating Biofuels Into the Existing Infastructure
Shirley Neff, President and CEO, Association of Oil Pipe Lines

October 17

EIA Short-Term and Winter Fuels Outlook
Howard Gruenspecht, Acting Administrator, Energy Information Admin.

September 19

Global LNG Supply and Competition: Short and Long-Term Issues
Frederick R. Adamchak, Senior Advisor, Poten & Partners, Inc., NY

June 20

Smart Grid: Green Jobs, Energy Independence and Climate Protection

Part 1: Description of a Smart Grid System
Part 2: Smart Grid Policies and Legislation
Part 3: Smart Grid City Project
Part 4: Additional Literature

Harry Wingo, Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs for Current Group, LLC.

May 16

Prospects for Caspian Oil and Gas
Dr. Maureen S. Crandall, Professor of Economics, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University

April 22

12th Annual Washington Energy Policy Conference, "Integrating Energy Policy and Climate Policy"

The Outlook for Unconventional Fuels
Roger H. Bezdek, Ph.D., Management Information Services, Inc.

Future Auto Technology: Prospects for Plug-in Hybrids, Fuel Cells, Fuel Efficiency
Keith Cole, GM

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Outlook: Global Priorities for Mitigating Climate Change
Dr. Pat DeLaquil, IRG

Increasing Ethanol/Biofuels
Dr. Marvin Duncan, USDA

Moving Towards Energy Independence: Myth and Reality
Herman Franssen, International Energy Associates, Inc.

Storing CO2 with Enhanced Oil Recovery
Vello A. Kuuskraa, Advanced Resources International, Inc.

Review of Cap and Trade Regulation
Michael Mondshine, SAIC

Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: How Much at What Cost?
Matt Parsons, McKinsey & Company, US Greenhouse Gas Abatement Mapping Initiative

Closing Remarks

Integrating Energy Policy and Climate Policy
Adam Sieminski, Chief Energy Economist Deutsche Bank AG

March 21

Coal - America's Power
Luke Popovich, Vice President, Communications, National Mining Association

February 15

The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2030
Donald J. Gardner, Exxon Mobil Refining & Supply

2007 Presentations

December 14

Prospects for $200 Oil and $6 Gasoline
Adam Sieminski, Chief Energy Economist, Deutsche Bank

November 16

Nuclear Energy Renaissance: Realistic Expectation or Fanciful Chimera?
Paul Genoa, Nuclear Energy Institute, Director for Policy Development

October 19

Short-Term and Winter Fuels Outlook
Guy Caruso, Energy Information Administration, Administrator

June 15

An Assessment of the Potential Resource Base and Technological Advances for Biofuels
Zia Haq, U. S. Department of Energy, Office of the Biomass Program

May 18

Africa's Energy Sector: Investment Opportunities, Sustainability, and Energy Security
Dr. Lawrence E. Jones, AREVA T&D

April 20

11th Annual Conference, "Toward A Lower Carbon Energy Future: Technology, Economics and Policy"

Kenote Speaker: Robert Socolow, Princeton University
Scouting the Carbon Management Frontier: Technology, Policy, and Economics 

European Carbon Market 2007
Véronique Bugnion, Point Carbon

Outlook for Carbon Capture from Pulverized Coal and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants
Jared P. Ciferno, National Energy Technology Laboratory

The President's State of the Union Fuel Economy Plan: How I Know It Will Work
Dr. David L. Greene, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Analyzing Options For GHG Mitigation
Howard Gruenspecht, EIA

Electricity Technology in a Carbon-Constrained Future
Bryan Hannegan, Ph.D., Electric Power Research Institute

The Solar Wedge - 2000 GW
Noah Kaye, Solar Energy Industries Association

US Emissions: Carbon Capture and Storage
Dan Lashof, Natural Resources Defense Council

Wind Energy, Toward a Lower Carbon Energy Future: Technology, Economics and Policy
Karl R. Rábago, AES Alternative Energy

GREET - Estimating Total Energy Cycle Reductions of Greenhouse Gas Emissions via Transport Technology Options
Danilo J. Santini, Argonne National Laboratory

New Nuclear Development: Part of the Path Toward a Lower Carbon Energy Future
Dr. Joe C. Turnage, Constellation Generation Group

March 16

Recent Political/Energy Developments in Russia: What Does it All Mean?
Lucian Pugliaresi, Energy Policy Research Foundation, Inc. (EPRINC)

2006 Presentations

December 15

London: China, India and the 1 Billion Car Market
Vanessa Rossi, Royal Institute for International Affairs

November 17

Alberta: The 50% Solution to the US Energy Crisis
Honorable Murray D. Smith, Government of Alberta, Canadian Embassy

October 20

2006-2007 Winter Fuels Outlook
Guy Caruso, Energy Information Administration

April 26

10th Annual Energy Policy Conference, "Global Energy Perspectives, Supply Security, Economic Development, and Sustainability"

Keynote Speaker: Edgard Habib, Chief Economist Chevron Texaco
Supply Security, Economic Development and Sustainability

Oil Supply Security and Sustainability
Adam Sieminskie, Deutsche Bank, North America

Green Paper on a European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy
Lars-Olaf Hollner, EU Delegation

Japan’s Energy Policy
Atsushi Takentani, Japanese Embassy, Japan

China: Energy Industry Trends and Security Implications
James Dorian, International Energy Economist

Supply Security, Economic Development and Sustainability: Perspective from Europe and Eurasia
Robert Ichord, U.S. Agency for International Development

January 25

World Oil Market Issues
Mark Finley, BP

2006 Report
Climate Alarmism Reconsidered
Robert L. Bradley, Jr., The Heartland Institute

2005 Presentations

December 16

Electricity Markets and Deregulation
Judah L. Rose, ICF Consulting

November 18

Pia K. Powers, Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc.

October 21

EIA’s Winter Fuel Outlook
Guy Caruso

September 16

Prospects for $120 Oil and $4 Gasoline
Adam Sieminski

June 17

Learning from Wind Power
Michael Jacobs

April 26

9th Annual Conference, "Higher Energy Prices: New Paradigms and Policy Responses”

Keynote Speaker: Gary Vasey, VP, Utilipoint International
Energy Futures Markets and Hedge Funds

Temporary Tightness, Paradigm Shift, or Speculative Bubble?
Edward L. Morse, Hess Energy Trading

Factors Impacting Refining US & Global Contexts
Martin Tallett, EnSys Energy & Systems Inc.

When Structural And Cyclical Events Collided
Roger Diwan, Managing Director, Markets & Countries Group

World Oil Market and Oil Prices: Is There A New Paradigm?

At the Cross Roads: Natural Gas in a New Era
Bruce B. Henning, Bruce B. Henning, Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc.

Balancing Natural Gas Policy – Fueling the Demands of a Growing Economy
Hal Chappelle, Chappell Energy Associates

Coal Price Volatility is Here to Stay
Jerry M. EysterManaging Consultant, PA Consulting Group

Electricity Policy: Getting Prices and Incentives Right
Peter Van Doren, CATO Institute

Mad as Hell! Proposal to Accelerate the Transition to Electric Competition
Ken Malloy, Center for Advancement of Energy Markets

Electric Energy Markets: Does the Market Send the “Right” Prices?
Tim Brennan, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County

Higher Energy Prices and CHP/Clean DG Deployment
John Jimison
, Combined Heat and Power Association

Technology Deployment At What Price?
Jamie Wimberly, CEO, Distributed Energy Financial Group

Energy Puzzler: How high will oil prices and shares go?
Adam Sieminski, Global Oil and Gas, Deutsche Bank

Transparency of the Price Signal
John A. “Skip” Laitner, Senior Economist for Technology Policy, EPA Office of Atmospheric Programs

2004 Presentations

March 18

Promises and Pitfalls
Ben Schlesinger, LNG

March 18

Storage: Today's Market Solution
Michael McCall, LNG


Electric Markets vs. Franchised Monopolies
Vito Stagliano

2003 Presentations


Computing Cost of Hydrogen
Michael Stavy


Energy Modeling Forum
Hillard Huntington

May 30

Renewable Energy Credit Markets
Marc Chupka

April 26

Some Costs of Reliability Limits
Tom Leckey

2002 Presentations

September 20

Energy and the Environment
Lorna Greening

January 18

Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office
Nancy Wong

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