2014 Presentations

December 21 - Lunch

The Effects of Rail Transportation Constraints on the Power Industry
Jamie Heller, President of Hellerworx.

November 21 - Lunch

US Oil, Exports and the Impact on OPEC
Jamie Webster, Senior Director, IHS Energy.

October 24 - Lunch

EIA's Winter Outlook
Adam Sieminski, Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration.

September 19 - Lunch

Click on the link below to read Mr. Goldman's paper on this topic, published in the May 2014 edition of USAEE Dialogue
Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency: Transmission Panacea or Utility Pain Point
Michael Goldman, Senior Research Analyst, Energy Efficiency, Northeast Utilities

July 18 - Lunch

Structuring the Electricity Industry: The Issues of Markets, Ownership and Regulation
Branko Terzic, Rencently retired as Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions, and Regulatory Policy Leader, Energy & Resources, Deloitte Services, LP.

July 01 - BEST (Breakfast Energy Series Talk)

Electricity Market Design and the Green Agenda
William Hogan, Raymond Plank Professor of Global Energy Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, Research Director of the Harvard Electricity Policy Group in the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, and Member of the Kennedy School Faculty Appointments Committee.

June 13 - Lunch

Modifying Energy Subsidies in Oil and Gas Exporting Countries
Dr. Roman Zytek retired (5/31/2014) as Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions, and Regulatory Policy Leader, Energy & Resources, Deloitte Services, LP.

May 16 - Lunch

Energy Trade with Alberta
David Manning, Alberta Representative in Washington, D.C., Canadian Embassy

April - 18th Energy Policy Conference, Disruptive Technologies Shock All Energy Sectors

Introduction and Opening Remarks

Mark Lively, Utility Economics Engineers; President, National Capital Area Chapter of the U.S. Association for Energy Economics
Welcome Presentation
Guy Caruso, Senior Adviser, Energy and National Security Program,Center for Strategic and International Studies

Opening Keynote Speaker

Johnathan Silver, CEO, Silver Asset Management
Investing in the future: Evaluating new technologies and economics, and making smart decisions (Video Duration: 00.25.50)

Disruptive Technology in the Oil and Gas Sector: Hydrofracturing

Tom Woods (Moderator), Independent Energy Consultant
Examining past projections: What signs did we ignore, who got it right, and where will technology take us?

Katherine Spector, Head of Commodities Strategy, CIBC World Markets
Supply demand curves, decline rates, and potential surprises

Chris Faulkner, CEO and President, Breitling Energy
Shale revolution causes havoc with oil & gas transportation: Pipelines, railroads, what is next?

Robert Kleinberg, Schlumberger Fellow, Schumberger
Evolution of technology connected with shale gas and tight oil resources. Breakthroughs on the horizon

Disruptive Technology in the Electricity Sector: Distributed, Renewable, Smart, and Competitive

John Jimison (Moderator), Managing Director, Energy Future Coalition
The multi-front transition facing the electric utility industry

Joseph Ferrari, Market Development Analyst, Wartsila
Revolutionary gas technology help integrate renewables and increase grid efficiency

David Malkin, Director, Government Affairs and Policy, GE Energy Management
Potential impact of the continued evolution of end-use electric technologies

Doug Arent, Acting Center Director, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, NREL
How evolving grid technology may change its operations and role in the economy

Ed Morse, Managing Director, Global Head of Commodity Research, Citi Group
Disruptive technologies impact on supply, demand, and prices. How will the utilities, regulators, customers, and analysts, adapt to the new landscape

Lunch Keynote Speaker

Mike Carr, Principal Deputy Asst. Secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, DOE
Energy policy in a time of disruptive technology change (Video Duration: 00:41:08)

Disruptive Technology in the Transport and Building Sectors: Zero Net Energy and Emissions

Janine A. Finnell (Moderator), Founder & Clean Energy Ambassador
From Hidden Fuels to World's First Fuel?

Bob Dixon, Vice President, Industry Affairs, Building Performance & Sustainability, Siemens
What new and disruptive technologies will be changing the landscape of how buildings interact with the changing energy world, including the interplay between the smart grid and the building sector

Bill Chernicoff, Manager, Energy & Environmental Research, Toyota
Vehicles of the future: Energy, emissions, economics

Lawrence Jones, Vice President, Utility Innovations & Infrastructure Resiliance, Alstom Grid
Mass transit, smart cities, and generational change in values – what new technologies will change our urban areas, and what will it mean for the food-energy-water (FEW) trilemma , and the value chains of interdependent infrastructures?

Wrap-up Discussion: Making Long-Term Projections and Decisions- Long-term policy direction in the face of a technology revolution. Will government policy help or hinder?

Kevin Book, Managing Director Research, ClearView Energy Partners
How should an economist, a financial market analyst, or a government-policy adviser deal with the uncertainty that disruptive technology poses in the energy sectors?

March 21 - Lunch

Energy Futures Markets - Five Fallacies
Al Levine, Powerhouse, formerly with Morgan Stanley.

February 21 - Lunch

The Economics of Nuclear Fuel
Mari Angeles Major-Sosiase, Vice President of International Relations and Commercial Affairs for the French Energy Company AREVA headquartered in Paris.

January 30 Happy Hour

New Business Strategies for Electric Utilities
John Caldwell, Director of Economics at the Edison Electric Institute

January 23 - Annual Dinner Meeting

Update on the Global Energy Markets
Adam Sieminski, Administrator, Energy Information Administration

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