2018 Presentations

  • 18 Apr 2018 8:18 PM | Anonymous

    PANEL 1: The Grid Awakens: Electricity Generation and Demand

    Whether it is battery storage, EVs, market dynamics, or greater electrification of the economy, change in the electric sector is happening in a big way. This panel will focus on some of the changes to electricity supply, demand, and the future of the grid.

    Moderator: Barney Rush, Board Member ISO New England, Rush Energy Consulting

    Speakers:  Genevieve Cullen, President, Electric Drive Transportation Association | Bryce Smith, Founder and CEO, LevelTen Energy | John Zahurancik, COO, Fluence

    Powerpoint Presentations:

    PANEL 2: Hydrocarbons Strike Back: Innovations to Maintain the Status Quo

    Although there is a lot of excitement about non-hydrocarbon resources, oil and natural gas are still key economic drivers. This panel will focus on how hydrocarbons are staying competitive. Topics to be addressed include upstream innovations in shale production, exports, and downstream consumption, especially in the transportation sector.

    Moderator: Rita Beale, CEO and President, Energy Unlimited

    Speakers: John Eichberger, Executive Director, Fuels Institute | Sid Green, President, Enhanced Production Inc. | Mike Trammel, Vice President for Government, Environmental, and Regulatory Affairs, Excelerate Energy

    Powerpoint Presentations:

    Keynote Address | Speaker: Gil Quiniones, President and CEO, New York Power Authority

    Powerpoint Presentation: NYPA-NCAC Presentation - Part 1 | Part 2

    PANEL 3: Innovation: A New Hope in Energy

    Technological change is part of a free market economy, but the scope and magnitude seems to be greater now than at other times. This panel will address some of the innovations that are still on the horizon, but poised to make a big impact on the energy sector.

    Moderator: Devin Hartman, Electricity Policy Manager, R Street Institute

    Speakers: William Farris, Associate Laboratory Director for Innovation, Partnering, and Outreach, National Renewable Energy Laboratory | Elisabeth Olson, Economist, Office of Energy Policy & Innovation, FERC | Christopher Peoples, Managing Partner, Peoples Partners and Associates

    PANEL 4: Return of Energy Policy

    When President Trump took office, some hailed it as the end of policy as we know it, which has not been the case. The Congress has proposed its own changes, while maintaining the status quo on some issues. Environmental groups have had to re-exert their efforts to be heard in some sectors. This panel will discuss the changes that have occurred and the changes that are still to come.

    Moderator: Kevin Book, Managing Partner, ClearView Energy Partners

    Speakers: Adele Morris, Policy Director for Climate and Energy Economics, Brookings | Jason Stanek, Senior Counsel, House Energy & Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Energy | Pat Wood, Chairman, Dynegy

  • 15 Feb 2018 2:18 AM | Anonymous

    Presenter: Anne Keller, Research Director - Natural Gas Liquids, Wood Mackenzie, Inc

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    Description: The often overlooked and usually unheralded bounty of the shale revolution has been a huge increase in natural gas liquids production. These chameleons of the hydrocarbon chain, which begin their trip to market as gas and end up transformed into liquids along the way, are providing emerging economies with clean burning fuel and US chemical producers with a potential cost advantage that they are betting billions of dollars will continue. In the US Northeast, China has announced plans to spend as much as $80 billion to capitalize on abundant gas and NGLs in West Virginia. In the US Gulf Coast, $85 billion has already been spent since 2010 on capacity expansions with more to come. What's the excitement about, and will the ending be another story of the seemingly inevitable end game of commodity capitalism - Nash's Equilibrium?

    About the Presenter: Anne joined Wood Mackenzie in 2012, managing the NGL Research team to complete and launch Wood Mackenzie's NGL service. The service now includes detailed supply forecasts, supply, demand, trade, and price forecasts for the US and Canada.

    Anne is also Founder and President of Midstream Energy Group, a strategy consultancy focused on transaction advisory services to the gas midstream and NGL distribution and marketing sectors, private equity investors, operating companies, and banks. Her industry experience includes positions in corporate finance, midstream asset management, NGL supply and trading, and project development with ConocoPhillips and DuPont. She was also a Group Manager in the Natural Gas and Utilities section of Jacobs Consultancy, a subsidiary of Jacobs Engineering.

    Anne holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Business Administration and an MBA in Finance. She is a CPA, and and currently serves on the Boards of Directors and the Finance and Technical Committees of the Gas Processors’ Suppliers Association. She developed and taught “NGL Fundamentals” courses which have been attended by over 1,000 industry professionals, including a widely viewed “NGL 101” webinar sponsored by the US Energy Information Administration.

  • 26 Jan 2018 2:32 PM | Anonymous

    Presenter: Dr. Benjamin Schlesinger, founding president of Benjamin Schlesinger and Associates, LLC

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    Description: The shale revolution has made U.S. natural gas plentiful and cheap. As battery prices fall, affordable storage could bridge the gap between renewables and around the clock reliability in power generation. In this presentation, Dr. Schlesinger will explore the emerging competitive flash-points, and discuss from his work, gas markets that are at risk from a battery revolution, and vice versa. He will discuss the key price cross-overs, how the timing might unfold, and think long-term about how low-cost batteries could ultimately affect the future of gas markets.

    About the Presenter: Dr. Schlesinger, founding president of BSA, LLC, is one of North America’s leading independent energy consultants, specializing in gas and electricity marketing, pricing, infrastructure, trading practices, strategic planning, and power plant development worldwide. He has nearly four decades of experience in managing and carrying out engineering/economic analyses of complex energy issues, with particular focus on North American energy commodity movements and pricing, policies and programs. He has advised over 600 clients in the U.S., Canada, and 25 other countries, including the top utility, energy trading and producing, manufacturing, regulatory, educational, private power, and financial services companies. A former vice-president of the American Gas Association, Dr. Schlesinger has testified before the U.S. Congress and in 16 states and provinces on the direction of the gas industry, gas contracting, purchase and sales prices, royalty valuations, market value, hedging and risk management, and related industry practices. Dr, Schlesinger is a senior fellow and past president (2011) of the US Association for Energy Economics, and served on the NYMEX Gas Advisory Committee helping to create and guide the highly successful natural gas futures contract. He currently teaches a graduate level course in energy economics at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy

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