National Capital Area Chapter of the U.S. Association for Energy Economics

Previously Featured Members


The NCAC Membership Corner - Previous Featured Members

On occasion, NCAC will take the opportunity to feature a member with his/her interests and achievements in energy and environment. The profiling will take the form of a Q&A.


Previous Featured Member Profiles



    June Kathryn Clay
April Maria Amodio March Bob McNally
February Daniel Miller January Mark Finley


December Charles Foster
November Sidney Olinyk October Brendon Baatz
September Omar Cabrales July Tom Russo
June Carol Brotman White May Jennifer Reichert
April Janine Finnell March Vlad Dorjets
February Dr. Sara Vakhshouri January Ryan Stertz


    December Brandon R. Thurner
November Robert Borgstrom October Patrick Hedren
September Rodica Donaldson May Martha Moore
April Ricardo Raineri March Jim Johnson
February Branko Terzic January Tom Choi


October Michael L. Telson July Thomas J. Woods
June Alan Levine May Shirley Neff
April Abraham Haspel March N/A
February Michael Canes January Jim McDonnell


December John Jimison November Andrew Knox
October Peri Cankardes Ulrey September Ben Schlesinger

: Featured Members began September 2013